9-piece commission

I was asked to create nine pieces for family to be distributed at an upcoming family reunion. The only direction given was that the pieces should somehow relate to each other, and each of the smaller panels should contain a specific word that described a strong trait of the recipient.

Here’s how it came together in six simplified steps:

I started out knowing that I wanted the pieces to actually connect, to symbolize the family as a single unit made up of many different parts. The common background color and swirls of alcohol ink provide this visual foundation.


A bird in flight was a strong, personal symbol for this family, and for me as an artist. 

The multi-colored feathers also took on deep meaning as it added color and patterns that resembled a quilt, another strong symbol for this family.

Feathers were added to the outside panels so that each recipient had a piece with visual interest and connection to the entire image. At this point, the panels are still physically connected by the graphic elements. Paint splatters are added for texture.

When dry, the pieces were carefully cut apart with an X-acto knife.

Edges were finished, words were added, hanging hardware applied. Finished!




It’s a sign

New rustic signs created for Dandelions gift shop in Barre, Massachusetts. Inspirational or just plain silly. More to come!

Getting crafty

This week, Dandelions gift shop in Barre received some fun additions to their inventory from Little House, including this decorative birdhouse, just in time for Mother’s Day! Check out this cute shop if you’re in the neighborhood. Lot’s of wonderful gift ideas!


Holiday prep!

Yes, the holidays are just around the corner! I’ve spent the last few weeks sewing mittens, making ornaments and preparing several small paintings for two of my favorite places – Petersham Art Center and Dandelions Gift Shop in Barre. Remember to shop local this holiday season!


Takin’ it on the road!

Little House Art Studio had a booth at the WorcShop maker space open house this spring, receiving lots of nice compliments on the work and the display! This fall, we may be taking it on the road again during the weekend of the Backroads Studio Tours in North Central Mass. Stay tuned!


Welcome, little birds!

A couple of weeks ago, Little House hosted a small group of artists to paint birdhouses. It was a fun afternoon of creativity and lots of laughs! We think the birds will be very pleased with their new homes : )



Tiny paintings!

New paintings created for Dandelions in Barre. Lin, the wonderful shop owner, requested some small paintings to round out the selection I had previously dropped off. These cute paintings are now on display at 531 Summer Street in Barre. If you’re up for a drive, stop by – you’ll love this shop!


I’ve discovered a gem!

I recently came across a sweet new gift shop in Barre. After a wonderful visit with the shop owner, several of my pieces are now on consignment there! If you’re in the area, take a drive to Dandelions on Summer Street. It’s filled with beautiful creations by local artists—jewelry, pottery and ceramics, home décor items, natural skincare and home care products, teas and spices, books, calendars, greeting and note cards—all reasonably priced! I feel so lucky to have my work displayed there! Check out their website: www.dandelionsonline.com


Snow day!

An unexpected day off meant I could spend the ENTIRE day in the studio! It was a very productive day, finishing several paintings that have been partially completed for quite some time. SO MUCH FUN! Check out the scrolling gallery for new additions, with more to come soon.


Celebrating 21!

We recently held a special workshop to celebrate Samantha’s milestone birthday. A gathering of girlfriends to create a colorful piece of art for Sam’s apartment was the perfect way to mark the occasion. Each guest received a 5″ canvas and was asked to cover it with paint and whatever other materials they wanted to work with – the only specific request was that they use a heart shape as the focal point of their piece. We then mounted the canvases on an old piece of barn board and *PRESTO*! It was a fun day that no one will soon forget!